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social host logo main– I know not everyone’s from Oklahoma- but, here is how we are limiting alcohol access to youth-

Underage Drinking wouldn’t be an issue, if people under 21 did not have access to alcohol. It is a Law that individuals MUST be 21 to enter a liquor store.  But if the “liquor store” is your home, ( wet bar,  alcohol cabinet, wine rack, refrigerator),  that displays all your liquor, youth access is as easy as just opening the door!!!!  Whether it’s yours, your neighbors, or your child’s friend’s house, it is the responsibility of adults to keep individuals under 21 away from alcohol.   November 2011 brought about the implementation of  the Oklahoma Social Host Law.  Simply put, it states “Don’t give people under 21 a place to drink”.  If individuals under the age of 21 are drinking alcohol at a gathering, and you’re providing that location you’re responsible – whether you’re an adult or a minor, and whether you rent, own, or simply provide the location.  Fines for the first offense are up to $500. If you know of an underage party in your neighborhood, please call and report the event to your local law enforcement officials.  You could be saving a life.  Underage drinking should not be happening and we now have ways to prevent it.    For more information about Eagle Ridge Institute or how to join our underage workgroup please call 405-840-1359.

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