Adult Binge Drinking

The adult binge drinking alcohol priority prevention targets the Oklahoma City’s Bricktown and Memorial Road areas. Its goal is to reduce incidence of binge drinking among adults age 21-29; consequently, overtime, reduce alcohol-related car crashes due to adult binge drinking and heavy/chronic drinking. The contributing factors or variables that link to adult binge drinking is excessive drinking in restaurants, bars, and clubs (retail availability). Customers’ over consumption of alcohol leads to intoxication which may lead to drunk driving and car crashes, thus increasing liabilities among merchants of these establishments. To help merchants reduce potential liabilities we, the Oklahoma County Community Awareness Network (OCCAN) Adult Binge Drinking Alcohol Prevention Workgroup, are promoting and are using the Responsible Beverage Sales and Service Training (RBSS) strategy to educate merchants and their staff on knowledge and skills about serving alcohol responsibly and fulfill the legal requirements of alcohol service. The second strategy is Over Service Checks or “bar checks”, which is a proactive community effort to increase enforcement of laws that prohibit sales of alcohol to intoxicated customers by law enforcement personnel, wearing plainclothes or uniformed. The enforcement may include fines or licensing actions. alcohol access


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