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heart with hole1

Once upon a time in a land not so far away several children were born to different families. They were beautiful babies, perfect in every way. And, yet, as they grew, life was very difficult for them. And because of these difficulties, they began to get holes in their hearts. Some had a few; others had more, bigger and more numerous. But for each hole produced the same result: a sense of emptiness, a sense of sadness, the need to be filled that could not be met. And because each of these people  had such a deep longing to be filled, they searched desperately for ways to fill themselves up.

There was a voice deep within them that spoke out to them constantly of the emptiness, of the holes, and of the sadness. Some found ways to muffle the voice so it couldn’t be heard. Others found ways to cover up the voice. Some ran away. Some ignored. And some tried to make the voices that screamed even louder in other parts of their body. And yet the results for all of these methods were poor and unsatisfactory. Often the voice within might  be muffled or ignored, bit it was always there speaking louder at moments of sadness or stress, reminding each of these people of the emptiness that they could not fill.

Finally, one of them decided to go to the very best doctor that they could find. They knew that they had damaged their bodies and their minds through all the attempts to silence the voice, and they had grown mature enough to know that these methods were making things worse, not better. This person decided it was time to find a real cure, not the cover-up or the escape or the painkiller. It was time to totally heal the pain and be free.

The wise doctor understood this voice. She praised the person for finally understanding that the holes needed to be healed and explained that there were holes in the heart that always left a sense of emptiness–no matter how much joy was experienced or how much love was available, it never seemed to be enough. And so other things were tried to fill up these holes—food and drink, drugs and sex, stealing and pain, anger and running away. The doctor truly understood, but she was very wise and said to the person. “I cannot heal your heart. You have the power to do this yourself. You must mobilize all the healing forces within your body to heal all these holes permanently in a new way. In this way your heart will at last be free to be filled with love for you and your world. This healing will also free you from all the other ways you have tried to use to heal your heart that caused you even more pain.”

” But how will I do this?” asked the person. “I don’t understand.”

“The answer is within you,” said the doctor. “Imagine a golden light within you growing in your heart, growing around  your heart and healing it. Imagine this many, many times a day until you know at last that you are healed and you are free.” The doctor then handed the person a beautiful golden key. “Every time you doubt, look at this key and it will remind you that you have the answer within yourself for your own healing.”

And so the person went on their way. Day and night this person imagined the light healing their heart, and repeatedly asked that all of the deepest parts of them come forward to help them heal and free them at last from their scars of the past. And in time, their heart did heal. And as they healed they found themselves free to live a healthy life, to take care of themselves and their body, to do what was good for themselves. At last they honored their body as a friend rather than an enemy, to be numbed, to be stuffed, or to be avoided. And the person told others the lessons they had learned. Then each of the others, in their own way, found the key to healing the holes in their hearts and to being free. For the key to love and healing is within you, and the key to freedom is to see clearly and to stop running and hiding.

handswith heart

By- Nancy Davis