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tobacco marketing
DID YOU KNOW: The tobacco industry spends an estimated $8.8 billion nationwide on advertising and marketing campaigns geared toward gaining new customers. In Oklahoma alone, the tobacco industry spent $160.3 million dollars on advertising and marketing. In 2005, the alcohol industry reported spending $2 billion dollars on advertising using multiple media outlets. In a ploy to reach new younger customers, the industries encourage store owners to display advertisements on the inside and outside of their stores. Many owners receive bonuses from the distributors for displaying various advertisements throughout the store. These bonuses result in copious amounts of ads, signs, and banners distastefully displayed in the storefront windows of locally owned stores; often times, these stores are in violation of Oklahoma City municipal regulations.

Want to know an easy way to report a local store that’s in violation from YOUR PHONE?!

1. Download “okcgov” app in smartphone Play Store, and follow the steps to download an app.
2. Click on “okcgov” app
3. Select “Report”
4. Tap under “Category” and select “Illegally Placed Signs”.
5. Under Summary (title) type “illegal placed ads in storefront”.
6. Under Description type: Describe type(s) of illegal placed ads such as: “ad on pole”, “ad tie to
pole”, “ad is moving”, “too many ads in storefront, cannot see inside”, “ad placed above 6 feet”, “ad
on fence”, and other violations not mentioned.
7. Select camera or Gallery to include photo of storefront with report” (make sure photo shows
under “Photo” category.
8. Click “Send Report” and you done:-)