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The lights are hung, the air is filled with cheer; that must mean one thing, the holidays are here! Families are heading in, new memories you’ll create, but there’s some things you must do before you celebrate. Are your meds currently lying, waiting in an unsecure place or accessible shelves? These “curious candies” pose as opportunities for teenagers and are dangerous for our little elves. The thieves are out at night searching for jewelry, guns, money and toys. But they want your RX drugs too, to sell to men, women, and young girls and boys. So protect your family and home these holidays and throughout the year too.  Safeguard your RX drugs, here’s some things you must do:

  • Monitor: Know what medications you have in your home and check them regularly. Do not keep unused or expired medications.
  • Secure Your Medications: Keep your medications in a secure location that is not accessible by youth or adult visitors, such as a RX drug lock box or safe.
  • Dispose Properly of Your Unused Medications: Use proper disposal procedures for your medications. Read the disposal instructions the come with your medication or ask your health care providers.

To find a 24/7 medication disposal site near you, visit http://takeasprescribed.org/disposal-locations/!

Eagle Ridge Institute encourages you to learn more about the dangers of prescription drugs, ways you can prevent RX drug misuse and abuse and much more. Prescription drug safety isn’t a Choice, it is a Responsibility.