Oklahoma City leaders and advocates remain committed to decrease underage drinking by eliminating the sale of alcohol to minors. Although we have made strides, some youth continue to fall prey to peer pressure or the “right of passage” attitude. They gain access to alcohol through social gatherings and/or stores, both of which are against the law. In October, news broke that two underage Oklahoma State football players were discovered passed out at the wheel in a Whataburger drive-thru due to intoxication; they were arrested and later released on bail. This is a clear reminder that the battle against underage drinking is not quite over.

Eagle Ridge Institute (ERI) is working with local law enforcement and youth volunteers in the community to conduct alcohol compliance checks throughout Oklahoma County. They seek to ensure merchants, who serve or sell alcohol, are following the requirements affirmed in policies and procedures that are set by their licensees. ERI seeks to educate and remind local retailers Oklahoma law concerning the sale of alcohol to underage individuals and the consequences they face when the law is broken.




Last week, ERI compliance teams visited 10 retail locations. During which, no alcoholic beverages were sold to underage individuals! We would like to recognize and congratulate these businesses on their efforts to keep our youth alcohol free. These businesses are:

  • Olive Garden (2639 Memorial Rd.)
  • Baker St. Pub and Grill ( 2701 W Memorial Rd.)
  • Fox and Hound Pub and Grill (3031 W Memorial Rd.)
  • Abuelo’s (3001 Memorial Rd.)
  • Poblano Grill (13593 May)
  • Wes Welker’s Sports Bar and Grill (3121 W Memorial Rd.)
  • Longhorn Steakhouse (2521 Memorial Rd.)
  • BJ’s Brewhouse and Restaurant (2425 Memorial Rd.)
  • Johnny Carino’s (2905 Memorial Rd.)
  • Bikinis Sports Bar and Grill (2747 W Memorial Rd.)

If you are aware of a restaurant, store, bar or club in your community that sells alcohol to minors, you can contact your local law enforcement or a Prevention Specialist of Eagle Ridge Institute at (405) 463-7526. Your help will create a safe and positive environment for our communities and children.