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beer picAccording to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), excessive use of alcohol contributes to over 88,000 deaths in the United States each year. Excessive use of alcohol, also known as binge drinking, results in over 1,300 deaths in Oklahoma each year, according to the CDC. Binge drinking is defined by having more than five drinks in two hours for men and more than four drinks in two hours for women. Binge drinking is a serious problem we face because it affects both adults and underage individuals. Eagle Ridge Institute (ERI) is here to help.
Business owners and their employees who serve alcohol to patrons have a responsibility by law to recognize when someone has had too much to drink and to prevent the sale of alcohol to underage customers. ERI would like to invite business owners and their employees in Oklahoma County to participate in Responsible Beverage Service and Sales (RBSS) training. This training is free of charge and is geared towards informing employees on how to recognize intoxicated individuals and how to politely refuse the sale of alcohol to intoxicated patrons. RBSS training also covers properly checking I.D.’s and accurate measurement of alcohol in mixed drinks. If your establishment would like to receive this free-of-charge training, please contact Rey Madrid at Eagle Ridge Institute at (405) 840-1359. Eagle Ridge Institute would like to encourage everyone in the local communities to help fight this dilemma. Help us help you create a safe and positive environment in our communities.