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diversion 2

The Oklahoma County District Attorney’s office has joined forces with Eagle Ridge Institute to reduce the sale of beer and alcohol to underage youth (21 and under).   The Offense is furnishing low-point alcohol to a minor with a penalty of up to a $500 fine and up to one year jail time. This could affect anyone from a bartender at a local restaurant to a store owner of the convenience store down the street.  However, because of this partnership there is now an “Oklahoma County Responsible Beverage Sales and Service Diversion Program.”  For first time offenders only, participants are allowed to complete this two hour Responsible Beverage Sales and Service Training (RBSS) at Eagle Ridge Institute 601 NE 63rd. Street, OKC, OK. 73105. This RBSS training is completely free of charge. Eagle Ridge Institute has conducted at least 2 trainings a month since the diversion program conception in July 2013. RBSS training teaches participants how to properly check identification cards while showing different types of refusal techniques when selling alcohol products to the public. RBSS training also, shows managers and store owners how to create an alcohol policy that is right for their store.  For prevention measures RBSS training is available free to the general public, please call Eagle Ridge Institute today if interested 405-840-1359. Participants in the Diversion Program are also required by the District Attorney’s office to sign a participant contract. Participants must not commit any new criminal offenses during the 6 month period beginning upon signing of the contract. Appropriate fees as permitted in the Oklahoma Statutes, must be paid before participant can successfully complete the program. By providing this Oklahoma County Responsible Beverage Sales and Service Diversion Program participates will have a second chance with the proper educational tools to go back into their community’s and  make the appropriate choice not to sale alcohol products illegally to any person(s)  under the age of 21.