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Youth Retreat 2013 363

Eagle Ridge Institute paired up with several OKC Metro Youth (Estes Park, Teens Working Together, LULAC, Zeno’s and more) to form a new youth coalition to combat substance abuse and the issues that come along with using a substance. For instance we focused on: Underage Drinking, risky behaviors, car-crashes, social access etc…. The youth focused on Oklahoma’s New Social host Law, (If you Host a party you will liable), Storefront Beautification (redesigning convenience store windows-asking owners to tear down alcohol/tobacco advertisements geared towards children and youth), While learning to do research and speak publicly/ while conducting presentations. . Youth are taking action already- they are going to go back to their schools, youth groups, church groups, etc…. to share information about combating the easy of social access to alcohol. Youth are seeing how easy it is to get alcohol from resources all around them: the refrigerator next to the milk, a family member, a friend, there neighborhood convenience stores, etc. These youth are able and ready to go into their communities and share this information and help build a media awareness campaign. This week they are going to be passing out media materials on (Social Host fliers, Use/Lose Laws) at their schools, churches, neighborhoods, etc…  We are so proud of these youth for stepping up to make a difference in their everyday community. We want to celebrate them! If you want to help get involved in reducing alcohol access to youth give us a call 405-840-1359.