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Oklahoman’s Who Host Stand to Lose the Most

Tired of beer cans being thrown in your yard, cars blocking your driveway, the loud music? Is this the result of an unknown crime in your neighborhood? These things usually happen with improper use of alcohol, but wait there’s more! Vandalism, alcohol poisoning, pill parties, unwanted pregnancies, car crashes, domestic violence. But, what can we do about it……. More importantly what can you do about it? Know the Law…….. Here is what Oklahoma has done.

Have you heard about Oklahoma’s new Social Host Law? Passed November 2011, this law was designed to make sure individuals under the age 21 do not drink in your home or on your property.  This Law clearly indicates that if individuals under the age of 21 are drinking alcohol at a gathering that you are hosting regardless of the location. You (the host) will be responsible. Whether you’re an adult or a minor, and whether you rent, own, or simply provide the location.  Fines for the first offense are up to $500. Now that you know the law, talk to your friends and neighbors; let everyone know about this new law to help cut down on alcohol related crimes in your neighborhoods. 

Please check out Oklahoma’s Social Host website at: