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Underage Drinking is Everyone’s Problem

car crash into tree

Underage Drinking is everyone’s problem.  According to the Surgeon General’s call to action to prevent and reduce underage drinking, “About 45% of people who die in car crashes involving a drinking driver under age 21 are people other than the driver.” That’s nearly, half of the people who die. What does this mean?

  • Were you a passenger ejected from a vehicle driven by a drunk driver?
  •  Were you the driver on the other side of the road when the drunk driver crossed the median?
  • Was it your son or daughter crossing the street on a dark summer night when they were hit by the drunk driver?

Ending underage drinking is everyone’s job.  It seems that the Alcohol Industries deliver the message “Drink Responsibly” better than the community at large. It is everyone’s responsibility in the community to ensure that young people can grow up and feel good about themselves without drinking alcohol.  What are you doing to help????