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Local police officers from all around Oklahoma County join forces to make sure that retailers are not selling alcohol to underage youth. Using a grant provided by 2M2L (Too Much To Lose) a task force under the direction of the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s office was created using officers from Oklahoma County Sheriff’s office, Bethany police, Midwest City police, Forrest Park police, and Oklahoma City Police departments.  Generally, twice a month officers meet at different locations around the county to perform compliance checks. Underage youth from Eagle Ridge Institute coalitions ride along with the officers. Each group of officers is assigned at least one underage minor and a different area of the county. The officers take the underage youth around to local retail outlets, liquor stores, and restaurants that sell alcohol. The undercover officers enter the store first and then send in the underage youth who attempts to purchase alcohol. The officer’s main goal is to educate the store clerks and owners about the need to always check IDs and how to spot fake ones. On Monday, December 17th   Local Officer’s hit the streets of Midwest City and Del City out of a total of 40 stores visited, 8 sold alcohol to our underage minor. These stores were cited and given the opportunity to obtain Responsible Beverage Service and Sales Training (RBSS) free of charge provided by Eagle Ridge Institute and the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health Substance Abuse Services.

For more information on our prevention efforts, and what you can do to help in the Oklahoma City Metro Area, please contact Eagle Ridge institute at 405-840-1359.