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Check out our news article about : Metro OKC youth Coalition

Oklahoma City, OK-  On Saturday,  April 28th, 2012, a group of 20 or more students, got together  from surrounding schools and communities  like; Crooked Oak Public School,  St. John Baptist Youth Group and Aztec Charter School to address critical life-changing topics that all teens face in their everyday lives. Topics included underage drinking, and prescription drug abuse. Many  of these students have seen the ever-lasting affects that these chronic  illnesses  have on an individual and the family unit as a whole. These students chose to wake up early with a mission to spend their whole Saturday learning about positive activities, and skills they can be a part of rather than the alternative, and how they can go back and tell their friends and family.  These students now, after our Metro OKC Youth Coalition training  are prepared and ready with the appropriate tools to stand up and have a voice in their communities against drugs and alcohol.  These students were also informed they will be using the skills that they received and the information from future  upcoming trainings throughout the year in order to reach members of their communities to change the attitudes and behaviors associated with these negative indicators.