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“A foolish person gives full vent to his anger, but a wise person keeps himself under control.”

When leaving the grocery store, I placed my bags in the trunk of my car and began driving home. When I arrived home, I immediately opened a bottled soda that I purchased at the store. When the bottle was opened, it blew up. Soda sprayed everywhere and on everything near (including me). In my mind, I thought the bags were securely placed to prevent them from moving or being shaken up. However, the fact that the soda fizzed out showed me that the bags were not as secure as I thought. The soda fizzed out because of a buildup of gases in the bottle that resulted from it being shaken up.

As students, it is important that we deal with anger appropriately, handle it appropriately. Holding on to anger is like the buildup of gases in a bottle of soda, allowing the potential to blow up one day. When built up anger blows up, it affects many areas of our lives—-school work, other students, friendships, teachers, parents, and even us.

Some of us have said and think, ‘it doesn’t matter anymore’, ‘I’m past it’, ‘I have moved on’ or other statements to make us feel more secure. However, we must be honest with ourselves about the unresolved issues in our lives. Talk about the unresolved issues with positive adult in your life and get instruction on how to deal with them—–just “don’t blow up!”

Author- Timothy Jackson, Jr.