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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma-  DRUNK DRIVING  –  BULLYING  –  DRUG USE  –  DELINQUENCY  –  SCHOOL DROP-OUTS  –  TEEN PREGNANCY  –  STD’S.  Do these words sound familiar? Are these common youth behaviors in your community? Or do you have no clue about what’s going on with the youth today?  Let’s face it; these behaviors could be impacting your child negatively. It could be impacting your best friend’s child. It could be impacting the child down the street.  Do you want to know why teens act the way they act?  Why are they partaking in these risky behaviors?   There is a way to answer these questions that is available to our Oklahoma Schools and it comes to you at no cost. The Oklahoma Prevention Needs Assessment (OPNA) is a completely confidential survey for the Oklahoma School Districts statewide.  It will tell you what’s going on in your children’s schools and it will tell you the level of awareness your child has on negative behaviors. It will even tell you if your child is engaging in negative behaviors and why. Results of each assessment is the private property of each school.  There are professionals available throughout the state to assist each school in determining strategies for addressing the findings in your community. No action will be taken without the schools’ request and permission. The knowledge gained from the needs assessment will help you make decisions on any changes you would like to make in your community and the schools if needed.  Once schools are made aware of the issues, then positive changes can be made.  Parents should contact their school officials to request the use of this valuable resource.