I recieved this through an email, I hope somebody may be able to help donate,

Good Morning Friends,   We are in dire need of donations at Heart and Hand Thrift Center.  Yesterday started our second week of no clothes to process for sale.  Could each you please put out an urgent message about needed donations to the people listed in your email address books?  I’ve posted the need on my facebook page, HHTC’s page and H&H Min. page but you can help by posting on you personal facebook page and on pages of you friends.   February is always a rough month, however, this is the most drastic that I have ever seen it.  We have NOTHING in the clothing bins that can be worked to put out for sale.  Since clothing sales constitute 30%-35% of our daily sales (that’s .30 – .35 of EVERY dollar), they an are absolute necessity.  Our clothing ladies have been voluntarily rotating turns on taking days off without pay but they are in need of steady paychecks to support their families.

The Heart and Hand Thrift Center truck is available for pick-up of large items or a large quantity of items on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  Reservations can be made by calling 470-0431 and requesting a pick up day and time.    We have been praying that the economic strain would be lifted from the store and that God’s favor would continue with us.  Everyone’s prayers would be appreciated greatly.  We know that He has always provided and will continue to do so, but we want to do our part by being faithful and getting the word out.   Thank you for supporting Heart and Hand Thrift Center and Heart and Heart Ministries


In His Grip – forever!   ~ Vicki