This ad encourages one person in a group be the designated driver and not drink during the evening in order to drive the others home safely. One could interpret this ad as saying that it’s o.k. for the other two guys to get bombed, so long as their buddy stays sober. While we encourage sober drivers, we know that if the other two men get intoxicated they are at risk for many other alcohol-related problems, besides drinking and driving crashes. Sometimes ads will encourage “responsible drinking” or use nebulous slogans such as “Know When To Say When.” You will note the ads never define what constitutes “responsible drinking.” If we define “responsible drinking”as drinking no more than two drinks per day (the Surgeon General’s recommendation), and if that guideline was followed  by all drinkers for one year, alcohol sales would drop over thirty percent. Do you really think the alcohol industry wants all of us to drink “responsibly?” that would be a suicidal position for a profit-oriented business to take.