1.  Ammonia boosts the impact of nicotine.
  2. It is estimated that as many as 22% of pregnant women and girls smoke.
  3. Second hand smoke contains carbon monoxide.  Smoking kills more than 9 times as many people per year as automobile accidents.
  4. On their websites, tobacco companies encourage people to quit smoking. However, in 2006, a court found that tobacco companies manipulate nicotine levels to keep smokers addicted.
  5. Soups, cereals, make-up, lipstick and other consumable products must list their ingredients on their labels, but cigarettes, a product that kills a third of its users, are not required to list any of the 599 possible additives.  (Not Yet!  That will hopefully change soon)
  6. Every 6.5 seconds, someone dies from a tobacco related disease.
  7. Between 1997 and 2001, smoking attributable health care costs and lost work productivity exceeded $167 billion per year.
  8. Every day, about 1500 youth become new “daily” smokers.
  9. According to the New York Times, in 1998, one tobacco executive said, “Nobody knows what you’d turn to if you didn’t smoke.  Maybe you’d beat your wife”.
  10. A tobacco company once gave $125,000 worth of food to a charity, according to an estimate by  the Wall Street Journal.  They then spent well over $21 million telling people about it.  I guess when you sell a deadly and addictive product, you need all the good PR you can get.


Information from “The Sunny Side of Truth”    www.truth.org