From Norman Rockell to Currier & Ives, you may remeber the many holiday photographs, pictures and more memorable store front windows in the major department stores. Your dad would drive the family for miles into the city just to look at the amazing panoramas displayed in the Sears, Macy’s or Marshal Fields windows, all celebrating this special time of year. You’d see children building snowmen or skating on a pristine ice covered lake. Or maybe a baby fawn nibbling near the river’s edge just before a snowball exploded on an unsuspecting youth. These were all to excite your senses and to get you in the spirit of giving, of loving and supporting one another.

  I’d like to offer you a few more special settings that you may see during this time of year. These settings are provided to get you ready to support one another:

First Setting:

The annual office Christmas Party or (college dorm party): The liquor is flowing & everyone is having a good time spreading words of good cheer until you see her in the lobby elevator. Her dress is in tatters, bruises on her face and arms. Nose bloody. One eye swollen shut……….(you fill in the rest!!!!)

Second Setting:

Family Christmas Party with the relatives: The liquor is flowing and everyone is having a good time spreading words of good cheer. Uncle Ray’s beer is almost finished and cousin Mary’s Wine Cooler is also in the same condition. They call out their favorite little bartender, nine year old Jenny to run to the refrigertator and replenish their holiday beverages………..

Third Setting:

The front of your house is beautifully decorated and lighting your snow covered walkway with dazzling warmth as the Highway Patrolman make his way to your door. The liquor was flowing and everyone was having a goodtime spreading words of good cheer. One festive individual decided to take his words of joy to another location and while driving there he failed to see your son/daughter walking on the side of the icy road……………..

Just like Norman Rockwell’s settings or Macy’s window dressings, these settings are always there. They are memories we look forward to. Not so with the three settings above, but they too come each and every year. Instead of looking forward to them, “look out for them” . Look out for each other. From setting the right examples to keeping each other safe, we can make these happy settings as well.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!!