On Tuesday, February 22, 2011, advocates from businesses, constituents, lobbyists, and Tobacco Coalition’s across the State gathered at the State Capitol to discuss HB 2135- Restoring Local Rights.   Authored by Representative Kris Steele, the Speaker of the House- the proposed bill will allow cities and towns to have control over their anti-tobacco laws. 

According to Smoke-Free Oklahoma, 59% of Oklahomans support creating a smoke-free environment for families and workers.  Many health advocates stress the importance of preventing second-hand smoke.  Approximately 700 deaths each year are attributed to exposure of smoke; that is nearly the same amount of fatalities caused by motor vehicle accidents.

Oklahoma is currently one of two states that do not allow local communities to take precedence over state anti-tobacco laws.  If the bill passes, it will allow local officials to establish regulations on creating a tobacco-free environment.



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