In April, Metro OKC Coalition, in partnership with Eagle Ridge’s APRC, began a community-based training that included members from churches, businesses, and youth groups.  The trainings focused on connecting drug and alcohol use to the four domains: individual/peer, community, school, and family.  

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA),  early negative behavior risk can be prevented through creating programs and working with children on developing positive behaviors and responses.   Participants held group discussions on the four domains and how they can promote either a negative or positive environment.   Throughout these interactive trainings, participants also developed norms and expectations,  and established learning goals. Aiming to impact the  “impactors”, community members were educated on the risk and protective factors relating to underage tobacco and alcohol use.   Through creating environmental change, community members can mitigate the probability of negative behaviors in a child’s life.  


**The National Institute on Drug Abuse